Saturday, August 26, 2006

Passing the Time

We have been very busy this month with birthdays and our aniversary. I'll give you one guess as to where Keith and I went...

Is that just not too cute? We looked at probably 15 different tourist traps, oops...I mean stores, before we came across this onesie.

In other news, we have been working hard on the nursery, trying to get everything ready for the day Hannah comes home. Our latest project started like this:

Me: Wouldn't it be fun to build a bench to put in front of the window? (thinking just a little rectangular bench...easy)

David: Come on, Mom. You could make one to fit the window.

Me: Oh, I don't know, that seems really hard. Let's talk to your dad. (thinking that he would agree to just an easy, little rectangular bench, too)


Me: Keith, wouldn't it be fun to build a bench to fit the window (making it sound like it was all my idea)?

Keith: Why don't we make it into a toybox, too?

Me: (now, what have I gotten myself into?) Um, sure...(and now knowing that I have gotten myself into a much bigger project than I ever planned!)

And we did. We drew the design, made a plan, bought the wood, took it to the wood hobby shop on base, and with just a little bit of trial and error...OK sometimes a lot of trial and error (mostly error on my part). We built it. Now, I am in the process of upholstering it in matching fabric.

The inspirational window area.

Stapling upholstery