Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Delivery on the way!!!

I hope DHL can fly and drive FAST! News from our agency says that there is a DHL package on the way, due to arrive either Thursday or Friday. They cannot confirm what is in the package, but we are hoping and praying that it is referrals!

Hannah, baby girl, God is protecting that package to ensure delivery in His time. We cannot wait to hear more about you. You are already so precious to us!

Once we get "the call" from our agency, we will still have to wait a few days for the English translation. At that point, we will actually get to see pictures of Hannah. Since we are living overseas, the logistics of getting the paperwork back and forth is a little complicated. We will get the package from our agancy on either Saturday, Monday or Tuesday. Boy, we are in for another LONG weekend!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

How Many Times Can We Update the Nursery?

I know, I know...we already said that we were done with the nursery. Well...Keith decided that the blue carpet just really didn't match, and I had to agree. So out it went, to be replaced by a nice cream color. Much better!

And we found this cute as can be bunny blanket! Had to get one of those. I was hoping to get more than one because I am hoping that Hannah will love it as much as I do, but one was all that they had.

Finally, here is an upclose picture of the detail on her blanket to match her room. I just love those butterflies!!

Now we are just waiting until next week...only a few more days! Hopefully then, you will be able to see her picture instead of just her room! Praise God!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Where is Hannah?

Where is Hannah? We'd all like to know...but God knows already. He has been watching over her since before the world was created. His plan, His baby, His adoption...

Well rest assured, baby girl, we are coming to get soon as we can.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Homestudy update completed...again and again

Our second homestudy update is competed. Yes, second update, which means our third homestudy in all. We are keeping social workers around the world gainfully employed!

One of the many tasks that have to be fulfilled when internationally adopting a baby is getting clearance from the United States Citizenship and Immigration Sevices. This entails a fair amount of paperwork proving our citizenship, our marriage, and our both financial and emotional ability to care for another child. We obtained this clearance first in July of 2005, which was required when we submitted our dossier to China. However, this paperwork expires after 18 months, so we get to do it again. Since it takes a while to get all the paperwork together, homestudy updates, fingerprint clearance, we started the process back in September of 2006. Here it is January, and we are still trying to get it all together and in the same place. We received word from our SW, Jane Santos, that our homestudy is complete and in the hads of our adoption agency for clearance before going to the USCIS. Hopefully sometime next week, we will have the letter of recommendation from Dillon (a letter stating that yes, they agree that we are fit to adopt, and that they are the agency representing us) and our official homestudy update. Once all of this gets to USCIS, we should have our I-171H in a couple of weeks.

It used to be that the US consulate did not question your I-171H when the adoption agency requested your appointment, however, since the wait in China has increased, they are now requesting that you have this new I-171H in hand prior to making your appointment. Nothing like adding just a little stress to the timing for many parents. But we know that God has it all in control, so we are not worried. Whether it be that we have it done in time, or our travel is delayed, there is nothing we can do to change the outcome by we don't.

Now we just wait, eagerly of course, for our referral in just a few weeks. Followed, guessed it! More paperwork.