Thursday, September 06, 2007

First day in Oklahoma!

We slept a fair amount last night, but jet lag has us a little tired anyway. We decided to take it a little easy today, but we did have to make a trip to K-Mart to buy diapers and some other necessities...of course once we were there, Grandmama and PaPa had to make sure that Hannah had her first carousel ride.

After all of that hard work running errands, we needed some lunch. Off to the Cherokee restaurant for some Oklahoma grub! Good stuff!!

We Made It!!

Let's just say that flying with a baby by yourself is not fun...
We made it to Oklahoma, and then to my dad's house after travelling for almost 24 hours. Most of the time, Hannah did awesome. There were a few moments, though, where she thought that we should be DONE!!
Hannah is now a citizen of the United States. We made it through immigration in Philidelphia without a hitch. There are no pictures because they do not allow cameras in the immigration or customs areas.