Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Ah yah yah!

Hannah has some new words and some new tricks!

Here are some new things Hannah can say and do:
She can say I love you, "Ah yah yah!"
She can crawl very fast!
She can blow kisses.
She can stand up without holding on.
She can get to a standing position from the floor without touching anything.
She can cruise around the furniture quickly.
She can drink from a sippy cup.
She can put herself to sleep at nap time.
She can wave "Hi" and say it, too.
She waves bye-bye with both hands, and sometimes they actually face you!
She can say "Stop!"
She can shake her head "no" when she doesn't want something.
She can climb out of her high chair.
She can say "Yes" and nod her head.
She points to objects and says "Dat."
She can put on a bracelet.
She can bring you a toy, and take it back.
She can come to you when you call her.
She can say both "dog" and "cat".
She can say "Bad dog!" I wonder where she heard that?
She can pick up her toys and put them in a bin.
She can say "laloolaloolaloolaloo" over and over again (Daddy taught her this one!).
She can blow big raspberries.
She can still pitch a big fit!

Hannah standing up all by herself!

(It requires intense concentration; she just learned this trick today!)

Playing with her Little People Farm.

Every day she still amazes me. What a blessing God has given to us.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Hannah!!

Happy birthday, Hannah! Today, we had a birthday party for Hannah. It was a small event. But we actually started the celebrating yesterday when we went out to our favorite Chinese restaurant in her honor. Our waiter was actually from China (Shanghai), and was pleased to let us butcher his language just a bit at dinner. You could tell Hannah was a little intrigued when he spoke Mandarin to her.
Today, we went to church, and Hannah stayed in the church nursery without us for the first time. She loves hanging out with the other babies, and with all the activity, she didn't even miss us too much. But, since she didn't bother with a nap, we felt it best to go straight home. After dinner, we let her open presents first. She received a book, some clothes, and a very noisy popcorn popper. She mostly liked the wrapping paper and the bows! She was quite a pro at tearing paper, though, and did not need much encouragement to open the gifts. Now keeping the paper out of her mouth was a whole different story!
After presents, we had cake. We were all prepared for Hannah to get majorly messy. However, she put her fingers in the cake, and started to fuss. She wasn't sure what to do with the pink sticky stuff. I tried to help her with a bite from a fork, but she didn't like that much either. She gagged and spit out the cake. Yuck! After that, she sat and held the fork, but didn't want to try and eat another bite. Try as we did, she wouldn't have anything else to do with that lovely piece of cake in front of her.
That was all the mess that she made. Jeremiah ended up eating her cake for her...it was a real hardship for him, you know.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Baby Dedication Sunday

Today we promised in front of our church that we would bring Hannah up in the Christian faith. In turn, our church promised to support us in her upbringing. It was a wonderful day.

Here the only picture of the whole family together. Oh well, it was a beautiful ceremony anyway. The hairbow in Hannah's hair did not last long. She ate it in front of the entire congregation. Well, not actually ate, but did remove it, break it, and managed to put it in her mouth before we could pry it from her tightly clinched fist. I guess she is still getting used to hairbows!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

One month ago...

One month ago we got to meet Hannah for the first time. I still can't believe how happy she was when we received her. I recall the "dadadadada!", the smiles and the giggles all within about 30 seconds! We are so blessed by God!!

Hannah received this beautiful quilt from Deb Billings, David's Chemistry teacher. It is absolutely gorgeous!!


Our neighbor's little girl came over to play with Hannah today. She brought her princess castle and her and Hannah had a blast crawling all over the floor together!

Hannah and Paige

Anyone for TV? I have the remotes!