Saturday, May 31, 2008

David Going to the Prom

Hannah just can't stay out of a picture. Here David is all dressed up for prom and we didn't get a single picture without her in it. Good thing her brother really loves her!

Isn't he growing up to be a handsome young man? Boy, does the time fly by. It seems just last week, we were trying to drag HIM out of all the pictures!

Birthday party!

Hannah's and her friend Charlie's birthdays are only a day apart. Since we are good frineds, we decided to have a joint birthday party. It sure was a lot of fun.

Here is Hannah and Daddy enjoying some pizza together.

David, Chris (David's best friend), and Cherie (David's girlfriend) join in on the festivities!

Hannah is in LOVE with Chris. If she sees him , she goes running up, arms wide and just waits to be picked up. She can spot him from clear across a room. No one else gets her attention like he does.

Hannah's best friend, Sydney playing with the balloons.

Hannah can whack-a-mole with the best of them!

Hannah and Mommy opening presents. I bet by her 3rd birthday she has this present opening down to an art form, but for now, she still needs a little help.
Below, Hannah is still tearing into presents, but Jeremiah and Chase (Jeremiah's best friend) are trying to get one figured out behind her. Hmmm, you might think that by 11 and 12, they wouldn't be so interested in the baby bowling set...but as you can see, it holds their attention for a while!
CAKE!!! Yum, yum!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Lorraine American Cemetery

Keith, Hannah, and I took a trip to the Lorraine-American Cemetery in France today. the weather was beautiful adn it was nice to pay a tribute to some of the fallen servicemembers.
Sometimes it amazes me how quickly we forget how many servicemembers have passed in the line of duty.
Keith and Hannah taking a look at the very tall flagpole.

You can't find me!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy birthday, baby girl!!!

Happy Birthday, Hannah!! Notice the scrape to her left eye...that's what happens when you are running with your hands in your pockets! Now which little girl that we all know would do something like that?

"I'm 2!"

Reading a birthday card with Mommy.

"Wah-i-fy" Could mean butterfly or flower. From Hannah, the words sound identical, but she knows the difference.

Hannah got this beautiful doll from her Grandma Kathy. Once she opened it, she didn't want to put it down.

Showing off her new Dora trike complete with lights and noises (what were we thinking??!!)

David, Hannah, and Jeremiah. We couldn't get Hannah to stop saying "I'm 2, I'm 2."

Hannah will be having a "real" birthday party at the end of the month with her friend Charlie, who turned 2 yesterday. For now, here are some new things Hannah can do:
Hannah can count to 3, skips 4, then goes straight to 5 and 6.
She can navigate the stairs alone (scary - yes!)
She writes, colors, eats, and gets things with her left hand - almost ALWAYS!
She likes to help out with Mommy's make up - especially lipstick "wips".
She tells the dogs where to go and what to do! In her defense - she also likes to give them treats.
She can screech at the top of your lungs and you think that your eardrums will burst before she is done.
She cleans up her own toys.
She says "Hannah" for herself instead of "Nah-Nuh".
She pretends to talk on the phone ALL the time. You think she is training for later??
She can take off all of her clothes, and put on her shirt and shoes by herself.
She has 18 teeth - yes 18! She has her 6 year molars on the bottom. Yikes!
She says, "Watch me!" and does something funny.
She says, "I go bye-bye." all the time, then after about 5 minutes in the car, she says, "Go home."
She tries to feed and diaper all her baby dolls.
She tries to sing songs like "Jesus Loves Me" and the theme song to "My Friends Tigger and Pooh".
She likes to pretend that she is going to drive the car. Of course, this is usually while I am trying to hurry and get her buckled in because we are running late for something!
She drinks out of a regular cup without spilling.
She doesn't wear a bib.
She can unscrew bottle caps.
She likes to eat junk food. Oh, the pleasures of raising 2 generations of children at the same time!
She likes to read, and takes a book to bed with her after we say prayers.
She likes to eat ice and says "cold".

We are so incredibly blessed!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dress up shoes

Hannah got a pair of dress up shoes from a frined of hers that outgrew them. She tries to wear them all the time - I think this baby girl really loves shoes!

I bent down to get a better picture...and so did Hannah!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Silly girl!

Hannah has learned to stick her tongue out. Now that in itself is not a bad thing - I mean there are several reasons that you might want to stick out your tongue such as licking ice cream, or catching snowflakes on your tongue. However I have a feeling that she is not really trying to do something "fun" as much as she has seen how much disapproval this gets from Mommy. Then again, maybe that is fun...

Hannah's orphanage sisters: Kambry, Mia-riel, and Adrianna are all turnig 2 this month also, so Hannh thought it would be nice to "sign" the cards herself. Happy birthday!! Notice the pen in her LEFT hand...could she be a SOUTHPAW??!!

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Big girl bed!

We decided that Hannah needed to move to a big girl bed for her second birthday. However, I got a little bored one day at home, and decided to put it together a little early. Well, since it was together, we decided to go ahead and try her out in it. She did great! Here she is napping for the very first time in her new toddler bed!