Saturday, August 23, 2008

Jeremiah's Birthday Party

Jeremiah's birthday party was a bit delayed for our move on to base housing. Moving is "nicht so guet", but living on base will certainly have its benefits. For Keith, it means faster DSL. For David and Jeremiah, it means a much shorter commute to school and closer proximity to their friends. For me, it means a park next door, and not having to drive to base to pick the kids up from their extra-curricular activities, saving me MANY hours a week!

Well now, back to this here party...and now 2 teenagers in the house!



Jeremiah and his friends...playing video games, of course!



Sleeping beauties...


The "Wake-Up Monster" has arrived!!

It was a lot of fun - probably one of Jeremiah's best with all his friends in attendance. Welcome to teenagerhood, Jeremiah!