Monday, August 20, 2007

15 months old!!

Hannah has been a busy girl this summer, and she has learned a lot of new things. Now that she is 15 months old, she has all kinds of interests...

She has gotten off of the bottle and only drinks from a cup. However, she loves these little water bottles. We have to watch her, because she is a notorious drink-stealer. Fortunately this one was actually hers, but at this going away picnic, I think that she took at least one drink from everyone's!
Hannah loves to feed herself, and has even started to use a fork and spoon...but not on Cheerios, of course!
Here she is today, drawing a picture for Daddy, or was that tearing up the paper? Anyways, whatever it was must have been quite a workout, cause she fell asleep holding her pencil at the table!

Here are some new things about Hannah:
She can run - not too fast, but she can run.
She can scribble on paper.
She can say "book".
She nods her head when you tell her to say "Thank you."
She points at stuff and asks "whazzat?", then listens to your answer.
She mooches anything you are eating by saying "piece", "bite", "more", or "eat".
She only drinks from a cup, and can drink from one without a lid, but not without making a mess!
She points to objects and says "dis" or "dat".
She can almost get herself onto the couch, and can get herself down without help.
She can pet the dogs nicely.
She can almost pet the cat nicely, but he reminds her that he still doesn't really like it!
She can call David "Day-id".
She calls Jeremiah "Juh", "Bubba", or "Day"
She kisses her Daddy's picture and says "Dadda".
Hannah LOVES spaghetti, and feeds it to herself with a fork or spoon (Quite a messy endevour!)
She still likes her milk warm.
Hannah gives hugs and kisses without being prompted.
She even kisses with a closed mouth!
She sometimes kisses the dogs.
She can call the dogs by making kissy noises.
She can send the dogs away by pushing them and saying "No!"
Hannah loves balls and says "ball" every time she sees something round...did you know that eggs were balls??
She can kick a ball.
She can make a big mess very quickly!
She will melt your heart.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jeremiah!!

Jeremiah's birthday was on Sunday, but we waited until tonight to have his birthday party. He had his friends Ricky, Christian, and Curt over for a sleepover, then tomorrow, they are all going swimming at the indoor pool.
He has really had a great time, and was even able to open his presents...with Hannah's help, of course!

Friday, August 03, 2007

Two firsts today!

Hannah had two firsts today. One of them was good, and the other, well, not so good. First t he good news. Hannah learned how to use a pen at church last week. She has discovered through the influence of the other kids that you can take the pen from the back of the chair in front of you and scribble on the offering envelopes. I have raised a Hedon!

Anyway, to give her a more appropraite outlet for her artistic talents, I bought her some crayons and a coloring book. Here is her first attempt at coloring!

While taking these pictures, though, I noticed another first. Hannah has her first owie since coming home with us! Take a look at her middle finger!. Now, you would think that she would have cried or something to indicate to me that she had scraped her finger...but, alas, no. I was left to discover this after the fact and wonder just how and where she got such a thing. Poor Hannah!