Sunday, March 29, 2009

Loving on his sister

David...loving on his sister!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Being Cute

Cuteness abounds!

Messing Around

Some picture are worth a thousand words...some have no words at all!





Saturday, March 21, 2009

Winning the Patriot Pen Essay Contest

Not very often would one expect Jeremiah to win an essay contest. As an auditory learner, he has difficulty putting thoughts into words. Yet, he placed second in the Patriot Pen Essay Contest for his middle school! What an amazing young man! Here is his essay:

Why American Veterans should be Honored

Honor is a gift that we can give every day but we chose not too. Some people deserve it and others do not. Like in the Vietnam War, we never gave the veterans any honor when they came back. We should have given them honor but we were to mad at them for fighting. I think that we should not have dishonored the people who fought because the deserved better for the hardships they faced.
War, poverty, and death, these are what American veterans have seen. They should be honored. Not spat on like they are some dogs nipping at your heels. That is how the soldiers got treated when they came back from Vietnam. Why was Vietnam different? WII had more deaths than Vietnam. Today, military members are getting better respect, when they come back, than in Vietnam and we are doing the same thing we did in Vietnam. In Vietnam most of them were forced to fight while in the other wars they had the choice to fight or we were attacked first. WWI we were attacked and in WWII we were bombed.
We can give honor through love and support. Some veterans need medical supplies or clothes. When they get to the hospital all they have is on their backs. You can also remember holidays and birthdays. That makes them happy because they know that they are still in your hearts. Still some veterans need help with finding peace because they have flash backs of the past and go into convulsions. Also some never got better. I believe that veterans can get honor from fellow soldiers. I also believe that soldiers need respect to fight because without it they feel no importance. I bet that many veterans still need help and respect and we need to help them.
Jeremiah receiving his award

Playing on the Playground

David playing with Hannah on the playground.
We are so blessed to have such wonderful young men in our family. Almost every day one of them offers to take Hannah outside and play on the playground with her. It gets her outside and gives me a break! What an awesome family!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Jeremiah's Musica Nova Concert

Jeremiah's choir at school had a concert tonight. His singing is really getting better and the choir is actually quite good. Next year, he will be in the high school choir and may get to actually sing before a different audience besides a group of parents! The pictures are only so-so...the lighting in the auditorium is not conducive to good picture taking!

The middle school choir...Jeremiah is on the front row, right.
Hannah entertaining herself while the band plays.
After her brother left the stage, she kinda lost interest!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We had a little fun with St. Patrick's Day. Obviouosly we are not Irish or Catholic...but hey, it is just fun! Although you cannot really tell in the picture, Hannah is weraing her green jingle bell earrings. They jingle when she shakes her head, so all day long she was shaking her and and singing "Jingle Bells". Not exactly Irish!

Here she is in all her splendor!
Later she changed (on her own, of course) to go outside. Quite the fashion statement!
Little girls (and boys) are definately a blessing from God! She is such a charmer, and yet so devious at the same time. However, each evening, she is the first to say her prayers for all that she knows. They are sometimes quite lengthy depending on who all she feels led to pray for, and everyone reading this can rest assured that at sometime she has prayed for you!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Oh, Hannah!

The haunts me! Kidding aside, it is one of Hannah's favorite toys. We have to put it away when her friends come to visit because she just cannot seem to share it! I believe in teaching our kids to share, but there is only so much you can expect from a 2-year-old. She shares most everything else really well, so we are not dwelling on the guitar.

Here she is this morning, dressed a mere 10 seconds before she picked up the guitar to sing to me. Yes, she is left handed, and we had to re-string the guitar to be a left-handed guitar.