Sunday, May 31, 2009


David coming down the aisle.
Hannah entertaining herself
David's turn to go up
Chris and David exiting after the ceremony

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Hannah is three years old! It is so hard to believe that the time has just flown by. Just yesterday we brought her home and celebrated her first birthday and her first steps. Now she is a walking, talking, crazy little girl!

Here are some things that Hannah can do:
She tells you her name is "Hannah 'Lizbef Fuwan Ross"
She knows ALL of her letters
She can spell "stop"
She looks both ways before she crosses the street
She likes to climb to the top of the highest slides and slide down
She is TOTALLY left-handed
She can write her name (almost)
She can hop, skip, and jump
She can ride her bike with training wheels (steering is optional)
She can put together 24 piece puzzles easily
She carries on entire converstaions. At her 3 year checkup, the doctor asked if she said 3-4 word sentences. She replied by asking, "What is a three or four word sentence, Mommy?". I guess she passed that test.
She knows who the doctor is and that she does NOT want a shot when she goes.
She is not afraid of the dark
She likes to listen to her Chinese music when she goes to sleep
She is completely potty-trained, even at night
She knows shat she wants, how to get it and voices herself clearly to make her needs/wants known.
She bosses the boys, the dog, the cat and anyone who will listen.
She does not share very well
She likes to change her clostes - several times a day if I am not careful
She cleans up her own room and toys
She loves to use scissors and asks for her scissor homework!
She loves books and wants me to read her a story
She still likes her milk "nice and warm"
She can count to 11 and add to 5 (sometimes 6)

Here are some pictures of her birthday party, Dora the Explorer style!

Hannah blowing out the candles with Eden watching

Hannah opening presents with Ashlynn
Hannah with the camera - a self-portrait!
Opening present with Eden
Luke enjoying some rice krispie treats
After lunch, games, presents and cake, it was time to go to the playground!
Will, Ashlynn, Keith, Eden, and Hannah on the teeter-totter.
The aftermath...