Monday, December 29, 2008


Hannah likes to play hide-and-seek so much that sometimes she just hides and yells, "Come find me!". She is not very good at being quiet and some of her hiding places are better than others, but someday, we may actually have to spend some time looking for her. In the meantime...can you find Hannah?
And, yes, ladies...that is all of her closet space. The door to the left contains some shelves. I look forward to having American closets again!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Merry Christmas, everyone! We had a wonderful morning...thinking of our family, praising God for the gift of His son, Jesus, and of course, opening gifts. Hannah got up and the first ting that she saw was her new kitchen. "For me?!!", "For me??!!", "For me??!!" It was all she could say. Little did she know that there was more to come!


David down the stairs to see what is under the tree. Little did he know that the stockings were hidden and he and Jeremiah would have to go on an early morning scavenger hunt to find them. Aren't I the funny one?

For me??!!

How many necklaces and bracelets can I wear?? All of them, of course - plus a knife in each hand!
All while I stick my tongue out! Am I talented, or what?

Hannah helping Mommy. Once you get her started, there is no stopping...unless it is for EggNog French toast - our Christmas morning tradition!

One of Keith's favorite Christian bands

I know what to do with this! We will have to restring the guitar for our left-handed guitar player!

Our two newest ROCK STARS!

Thank you, God for sending your Son, Jesus, to be born on this earth and live as a man. Thank you that He kept His life completely pure and free from any sin so that we were saved when He died on the cross for us!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

A Christmas tradition in our house is to open a couple of gifts Christmas Eve. Usually, there are pajamas (a big surprise) and a children's Christmas book. This year, Hannah got to join in on the fun opening gifts.

Could that be a book in that paper??
All my babies!
One of these days, I will actually get Keith to smile for a picture!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just another day...clowning around!

Hannah got in trouble. We told her to go to her room and sit on her bed. A few minutes later, this is what we found...
Jeremiah loves to take pictures of himself!
Hannah can make that face, too.
Hannah and Bruno
Hannah LOVES riding on David's shoulders - as he RUNS through the house!
Notice the mom having a heart attack every time they round the corner is not pictured...
Oh yeah, don't forget to wish the birthday boy a happy 17th!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Birthday Party!!

We love birthday parties! David is (almost) 17! He had a group of frineds over to celebrate - I mean, really, when do the boys not have friends over, anyway? But, celebrate we did! Cake, ice cream, presents - the works!

Isn't this a cowgirl birthday party?
Everything seemed pretty normal...
Until David was suddenly attacked - by a pink cowgirl hat!
Wonder where that came from??
Later, David and his best friend, Chris clowning around

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Squadron Christmas Party

Keith and I trade off Scout today he had the boys out selling Christmas trees at our fundraiser and I had the pleasure of taking Hannah to his new squadron's Christmas party for the kids. It was tons of fun and nice meeting the new people that he works with. Hannah had fun until some big guy in a red suit showed up. Then...

Hannah's first glimpse of Santa
She was not real thrilled with going to see this man. I kept her off to the side until all the other kids were finished. I made sure that she noticed that Santa was giving out candy. So...
Lured by the idea of candy...
She finally made it onto his lap. Now we did not discuss asking Santa for presents. I mean, we don't really do a lot of Santa at Christmas - that is not what it is about. But, Santa is a fun game to play, but anyway, I didn't tell her that Santa was going to ask what she wanted for Christmas. When he finally asked the question, she answered the one thing that she was really there for, "Candy!". He piled it on! I think she had almost as much candy then as she got at Hallowe'en!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The right way to eat an Oreo

Are kids born knowing how to do this?