Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hanging out with Grandpa Bullet

One of the hard things about living overseas for such a long time is that you miss out on getting to know your family, especially if you are only 3 years old. But really, it is hard for all of us. Even though we have been in the states for a full week already, we have just really not had enough time to really spend with our family.

Today we say goodbye to Grandpa Bullet and go back to Oklahoma City. It's been a visit too short already!

Of course at Grandpa Bullet's you have to have a tractor ride!!

Playing a little hide-and-seek. Of course, if the pole was a little bigger, Hannah might actually be able to hide behind it.

Tractor races with Grandpa....kidding, of course.

Now, we are back to Oklahoma City. Time to get some things taken care of for David's college days!

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