Sunday, September 27, 2009


Hannah has been looking forward to being a Cubby for about a year now. SHe was so excited to get to start a few weeks ago. Our church does theme nights nearly every week, and tonight's theme was "Crazy Hair Night".

Hannah and Daddy. Keith is a Cubby leader and LOVES it!
Yes, Keith's hair really has a "C" cut into it! C is for the beginning of one of their first memory verses.
Bunny kisses!
Up to now, Hannah has memorized 6 verses! Memorization comes very easy to her. We added an extra book to give her a little challenge, so she actually learns at least 2 verses a week. We are not proud...can you tell?

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Vonda said...

Cutest little cubbie I have ever seen! GO HANNAH for memorizing Bible verses! That is awesome!!!